Rock and Roll unites our planet, it goes beyond geographical borders and it is done in many languages. Soda Stereo is the most influential and respected band in Ibero America, now their fans around the globe are getting together to respectfully request the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to open the door to Rock en Español and induct our most beloved band. A language factor should not be an impediment on this paradigm changing world of Rock and Roll, it is time to make history together.

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Rock legends by its own right in the hispanic universe, Soda Stereo is the first band to tour the entire continent, achieve massive success, and positively influence several generations of fans and fellow musicians. In a way, Soda Stereo represents for Ibero America what the Beatles represent worldwide… The first band uniting fans across nations with their powerful music and meaningful lyrics. Just like the Beatlemania of the 1960’s, Soda Stereo was surrounded by a similar positive fanaticism in the 1980’s labeled as Sodamania.

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An honor reserved for just a few, for real giants that changed the course of musical history. Cirque du Soleil paid homage to Soda Stereo’s music and history with Séptimo Día - No Descansaré, a contemporary circus show that toured Latin American and US cities in 2017 and 2018.

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With the irreparable and unbearable loss of Gustavo Cerati in 2014, Soda Stereo’s active years have come to an end, but their successful story is far from over. Younger generations are still discovering Soda’s legacy and enjoying the imaginative ways they reinvented themselves to keep innovating and growing up throughout their career.

Inducting Soda Stereo represents a final milestone that would recognize their positive contribution to the evolution of Rock and Roll in countries where this genre was not by any means the most popular, and proved that good Rock and Roll can also be massively successful in local languages.


Their induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be the ultimate achievement and recognition to put an honorable happy ending to an amazing history that has touched, and will keep touching for decades to come, millions of lives.


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